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The Techint executive with big dreams for YPF’s future


Nov 21, 2023

Horacio Marin, who had been in charge of exploration and production at Tecpetrol, bid farewell to his colleagues at the Techint group oil company. It is rumored that he is leaving Tecpetrol to take over at YPF, a company with a state majority that the elected president Javier Milei has already announced that he will seek to privatize. Marin is not a politician, but a specialist. He has worked for 35 years at Tecpetrol, where he initially joined as a reservoir engineer. Since 2008, he has managed the exploration and production area. He holds a chemical engineering degree from the University of La Plata, a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas, and a postgraduate degree from Stanford. Marin has also been collaborating with the technical teams of La Libertad Avanza coordinated by Nicolás Posse, as published the specialized site Econojournal. The executive is currently the person of Paolo Rocca’s confidant, leader of Techint, when it is necessary to discuss issues linked to the technical exploitation of a deposit and everything that happens in the hydrocarbon subsoil.

Under his command, YPF would once again unify the position of president and CEO. This position was separated during the administration of Mauricio Macri and then Alberto Fernández and are currently occupied by Paul Gonzalez and Paul Iuliano, respectively. Marin’s technical background – especially in production – will allow him to move comfortably to define the company’s priorities. However, he will have to quickly develop a more political profile, which should include piloting the end of the gasoline price freeze and the cheaper “criollo” barrel compared to the international one from Sergio Massa. This will require Marin to transition from a more technical focus to a political and strategic focus.

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