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The “Thumbs Up for Mental Health” event serves as a transformative space for healing.


Sep 16, 2023

Around 1,200 individuals gathered at Orono Park in Elk River on Saturday to demonstrate their support for those facing mental health struggles. The Thumbs Up event, organized by Katie Shatusky, the executive director and founder of Thumbs Up, is not only a platform to provide support, but also a place to remember and honor loved ones who have passed away. Shatusky shared that her own grandfather died by suicide in 2010, which prompted her family to search for an outlet to guide them through the grieving process and aid other families who have experienced similar losses. Consequently, local residents initiated a 5K memorial drive to honor and commemorate her grandfather. This endeavor ultimately led to the establishment of the Minnesota nonprofit organization, Thumbs Up, which strives to foster connections, provide support, and encourage open discussions about emotions and challenges as a means of forging ahead in life. The event on Saturday was packed with various activities for both adults and children, culminating in a 5K race. Furthermore, KSTP Sports Director Joe Schmidt graced the occasion as a keynote speaker and announced that he would be donating $5,000 from the Hubbard Foundation to Thumbs Up. Additionally, Schmidt revealed that he is in the process of writing a children’s book, with all proceeds being allocated to charity. Shatusky expressed that one in every five of her adult friends deals with mental health issues, highlighting the prevalence of these struggles. However, due to the widespread misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental illnesses, individuals often hesitate to seek help. Events like Saturday’s rally aim to challenge and change these negative perceptions. Shatusky emphasized that the event provides a healing atmosphere where families can comfortably discuss their loved ones and their experiences. The event raised around $45,000, contributing to the organization’s overall fundraising total of over $1 million since 2014. These funds are dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and providing education on the subject. If you or someone you know requires immediate assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Suicide Prevention Hotline by calling or texting 988.

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