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The trial of Kovačević and his co-accused in the Janaf affair commences three years after their arrest


Nov 21, 2023

The trial of former Janaf director Dragan Kovačević, who has been charged in the Janaf scandal, is set to begin at the Zagreb County Court on Friday, November 24. Kovačević is facing charges of receiving and giving bribes, as well as arranging deals within the state-owned company. The indictment also includes several entrepreneurs and former Janaf employees, with claims that bribes and deals worth millions of dollars were involved.

Kovačević is accused of having received two apartments from an entrepreneur whose companies he arranged deals worth millions with. The prosecutor has stated that the case includes several counts of criminal acts such as receiving and giving bribes, illegal favors, and incitement. It is expected that numerous witnesses will be called during the trial, with speculations about the involvement of former and current Presidents of Croatia.

Kovačević has denied the allegations and called the indictment “completely fabricated and false.” Meanwhile, an entrepreneur involved in the case is also under investigation for arranging jobs for his company and providing gifts to Kovačević and his associates. Additionally, Kovačević unsuccessfully tried to appeal for the release of his frozen assets to the Constitutional Court.

Overall, the trial is expected to involve complex legal proceedings and numerous witnesses, indicating that the case may be drawn out for a considerable amount of time.

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