The Ukraine conflict has implications for both European security and global peace.

The film “Slava Ukraine” documents the ongoing war in Ukraine and the reality of Russia’s actions in the region. French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Lévy led a film crew through the hottest regions of Ukraine to document the devastating effects of the conflict on the country. Co-directed by Marc Roussel, the film features conversations with locals and takes the form of a travel diary, but is set against a backdrop of a war-torn country.

The documentary shows the devastation caused by Russian military positions in eastern Ukraine and the voices of Ukrainians whose lives have been ravaged by the war. Levy delicately balances his narration with the stories of residents of bombed towns and men and women tasked with defending their country against invasion.

The film is named after the Ukrainian slogan “Slava Ukraine,” meaning “Glory to Ukraine.” The stark contrast between Levy’s sophisticated attire and the destroyed, burnt-out residential quarters highlighted the violence and destruction caused by the conflict.

In an interview after the film’s premiere, Levy spoke about the motivation behind the film and why the war in Ukraine is not just a local issue. He stressed the importance of showing the world what is at stake and the need for action to stop the genocide being carried out on Ukrainians.

Levy also discussed the shortages of ammunition and weapons in some parts of Ukraine and the need for bulk deployment to save lives. He emphasized that there is no solution other than total Russian surrender and that Ukraine must be given the means to counterattack and disintegrate the Russian military to achieve this.

Overall, “Slava Ukraine” provides a raw and honest portrayal of the Ukrainian conflict and its impact on the lives of the people caught in its midst. Its message of solidarity and the need for action against Russian aggression is an important one for audiences around the world.

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