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The United States Pushes for an Exclusive Moon Time Zone


Apr 3, 2024

The United States is planning to implement a new time zone called Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC) in 2026 on the Moon. The White House has instructed NASA to create its own time zone on the Moon to establish extraterrestrial time standards for safety and accuracy as space exploration increases with flights to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC) will be derived from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and will be used by NASA and other space agencies. Other countries like Finland are already using UTC and adjust their time zone ahead by three hours in summer and two hours in winter.

Time in space passes at a slightly different rate than on Earth, with the Moon experiencing days that are slightly shorter by 58.7 microseconds compared to Earth. This difference is due to the effects of gravity in the universe, according to astronomers like Professor Catherine Heymans.

By creating a time zone for the Moon, the United States aims to lead in space exploration and enable countries and companies to make more accurate calculations for their space missions. NASA plans to implement LTC by 2026 for its upcoming manned mission to the Moon, marking a new era in space travel. Other space agencies like the European Space Agency (ESA) are also preparing similar systems for space exploration.

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