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The USA announces 100 million dollars worth of new military package for Ukraine


Nov 21, 2023

Ukraine is set to receive another round of military aid from the United States in an effort to continue fighting against Russia. This aid will include much-needed ammunition for the Ukrainian army. The US State Department has announced a 100 million dollar package, which has already been approved by the US Congress. The weapons package includes Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Himars multiple rocket launchers, and artillery ammunition.

During a visit to Kiev on Monday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin discussed the aid with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky expressed the urgent need for additional artillery shells, which he described as especially crucial at the moment. He thanked the US for its continued support and leadership in providing assistance.

Austin emphasized the importance of ensuring adequate military capabilities and integrating them strategically to achieve real effects on the battlefield. He assured Ukraine that there is bipartisan support for the aid in both houses of Congress, despite some American politicians questioning the need to maintain aid at current levels.

The State Department emphasized the critical need for Congress to support Ukraine by approving the President’s request for additional funding. This aid comes at a crucial time as Ukraine continues to defend itself against Russian aggression.

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