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The Vatican’s Pope expresses regret over deaths in Gaza and Ukraine due to “folly of war”


Apr 3, 2024

Pope Francis of the Vatican made a new appeal for peace in Gaza and Ukraine, condemning the violence as “the folly of war.” He expressed deep regret over the killing of aid workers in Gaza and praised a Ukrainian soldier who died in the conflict against Russia.

Seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen charity were killed in Gaza in what the Israeli Prime Minister called a tragic accident. Pope Francis expressed condolences for the victims and their families, calling for an immediate ceasefire, the release of Israeli detainees, and full access to humanitarian aid.

The Pope spoke about a Ukrainian soldier named Oleksandr who died at 23 in the war in eastern Ukraine. He held the soldier’s New Testament and rosary beads, asking for a moment of silence to remember the sacrifices made in war.

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