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The versatile actor brings back a forgotten craft: Boat building in Dubrovnik


Nov 21, 2023

Igor Hajdarhodžić is known as an actor, but he is also a musician, performer, sculptor, painter, and more. He continues to focus on acting, as he finds it difficult to “get over” what he studied. Lately, however, he has been emphasizing other forms of art, such as painting and music. He spends his days drawing, painting, sculpting clay, making music, and creating iron structures in his workshop in Dubrovnik’s old town.

Despite spending 26 years in the theater, Igor is not currently drawn to it. He believes that the theater does not offer answers to serious questions and feels that it is slave to the system. Although he recently had a role in a film, it was not filmed due to a storm. Despite this, Igor fondly remembers his beginnings as an actor and feels that his time in theater directed him on his current life path.

Igor uses his art to communicate his concerns about society and his surroundings, such as the exodus of people leaving Dubrovnik. His series of paintings, “Return,” depicts people returning to the city, and he remains optimistic about the city’s future. He also passes on his knowledge by teaching children sailor skills and shipbuilding. Igor feels that children inspire him and that shipbuilding has a future, especially in Dubrovnik.

Despite his diverse interests, Igor doesn’t have any specific plans. He allows life to guide him and enjoys working on different projects based on what inspires him at the moment. He is always excited to wake up and continue his work, as he loves what he does and believes that his work is the key to his happiness. He is happy to rely on the help of cleaning workers who bring him materials for his recycling and upcycling models, showing that he doesn’t require assistance from the state or institutions.

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