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The world is struggling to believe the IDF’s latest revelations


Nov 20, 2023

Major media outlets such as Reuters and the New York Times reported extensively on the IDF spokesman’s revelation regarding the Hamas terror tunnel, but reiterated that these were only IDF claims. They took pains to highlight statements from Hamas officials denying the use of civilian facilities like hospitals for tunnel locations, and provided additional context regarding the situation. The New York Times emphasized that the IDF’s presentation of the tunnel was an attempt to bolster its accusations against Hamas. Similarly, the British Guardian expressed skepticism and brought up Hamas’s denials, while also pointing out certain evidence that was not presented by the IDF to support its claims.

Many media outlets continued to express doubt about the IDF’s documentation and claims. Articles acknowledged the IDF’s statements but remained skeptical about the evidence presented or the lack thereof. Reports noted that crucial evidence to support the IDF’s accusations against Hamas was missing. There was also skepticism about the authenticity of other claims made by the IDF, such as the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and murder of a female soldier by a Hamas terrorist.

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