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This pet business owner is happy she downsized


Apr 3, 2024

“My Economy” is a storytelling platform that delves into the new economic normal through the perspective of individuals striving to succeed. The focus is on the personal experiences of these people, rather than just the economic statistics.

Judy Nunez, a lover of animals, established her pet business, Tails on Trails in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2012. Due to injuries that limited her sitting abilities, Nunez sought job opportunities that involved standing or walking. She stumbled upon dog walking during a Google search and found it to be a perfect fit for her.

Tails on the Trails has been operational for more than a decade, but the pandemic brought about significant changes to the business. Prior to the pandemic, Nunez had 26 staff members working for Tails on Trails. However, she now has between four to six employees, depending on the season. Despite downsizing, Nunez views it as an opportunity for easier management as the business continues to expand.

Nunez’s story sheds light on the resilience and adaptability of individuals in the face of economic challenges. Share your own economic experiences through the form provided, and your story could be featured in a future installment of “My Economy.” Your personal narratives help to humanize economic realities and provide insight into the everyday struggles and triumphs of individuals like Judy Nunez.

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