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TiCARos teams up with Cartherics to lead development of CLIP-CAR technology


Apr 3, 2024

The collaboration between TiCARos and Cartherics will involve TiCARos developing a range of CLIP-CAR constructs to be incorporated into Cartherics’ NK cells. The two companies will then assess the function of these constructs in vitro and in vivo. TiCARos specializes in developing novel chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell products for the treatment of solid and blood cancers. Their CLIP-CAR approach involves modifying the CAR structure to stabilize the immune synapse between immune cells and target tumor cells, resulting in enhanced efficacy.

Cartherics, on the other hand, focuses on allogeneic NK cell therapy. Their CEO, Professor Alan Trounson, believes that integrating TiCARos’ CLIP-CAR technology with Cartherics’ platform could lead to more effective therapies. The companies have identified tissue factor (TF) and CD19 as their target tumor antigens for assessment of the CARs.

By combining their expertise in CAR-T and NK cell therapies, TiCARos and Cartherics aim to accelerate pipeline programs and expand opportunities beyond autologous cell therapies. The collaboration creates a pathway for advancing solid tumor pipeline programs and utilizing TiCARos’ technology in new ways. Depending on the results of their research collaboration, the two companies will explore development and commercialization opportunities together.

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