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TikTok User Who Suggested Theory on Gen Z Aging Appears Similar to Method Man


Feb 12, 2024

TikToker Jordan Howlett, also known as Jordan The Stallion, is frequently mistaken for being older than his 26 years. He recently went viral for a video suggesting that Gen Zers appear older due to stress. Howlett noted that his resemblance to Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man doesn’t help the situation.

In a humorous TikTok video, Howlett addressed an exaggerated claim that he is related to Method Man. The rapper himself made a surprise appearance, acknowledging their resemblance and joking about Howlett looking like an older man.

Despite the video bringing attention to the fact that people often think he is older than he is, Howlett acknowledged that being compared to Method Man isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the rapper looks great for his age. He stated that he is happy to be compared in that way if he has to prove his age.

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