To Compete with Suzuki Jimny, Ford Mini Bronco is the Need of the Hour for the World

Independent designer Naoto Kobayashi has created a concept for a compact electric off-roader, based on the success of the Ford Bronco. Dubbed the Ford Mini Bronco, it is designed for the 2030 model year and is a two-door with a very short wheelbase and small front and rear overhangs, with all elements adding off-road qualification. Like the Suzuki Jimny, it is envisioned as a great value for money and a very capable off-roader, but with a more purposeful look.

Kobayashi also rendered it with a set of mud-terrain tires wrapped around a set of retro-modern wheels with black and silver elements. Ford’s front and rear fascias are also very eye-catching, with large LEDs replacing traditional headlamps and a finished skid plate. The rear also features LED lights and a skid plate.

The inside of the Mini Bronco features a single display that houses the digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen. It also features a flat top and bottom steering wheel, with physical buttons, switches, and dials despite being a 2030 car.

It is uncertain whether Ford will produce such a compact Bronco. However, the success of the Ford Bronco has ignited Kobayashi’s vision for a sub-brand with the Mini Bronco, which he hopes will give the Suzuki Jimny a serious run for its money. The concept was not endorsed by Ford and contains speculative illustrations unrelated to any Ford product.

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