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Today’s Ukraine News: Russia Lists Estonian Prime Minister Kallas as Wanted


Feb 13, 2024

Today, on February 13, 2024, Russia launched an attack against the city of Dnipro in Ukraine. Missiles and drones targeted one of the most crucial thermoelectric power plants in the country, which is operated by Dtek. The power plant sustained severe damage and stopped producing electricity, leading to interruptions in electricity and water supplies in several areas of the city.

In a significant escalation, Russia used a Zircon hypersonic missile in Ukraine for the first time. Oleksandr Ruvin, director of the Scientific Research Institute for Forensic Examinations in Kyiv, claimed that the missile fragments analyzed confirmed the use of the Zircon 3M22 missile in the attack on the Ukrainian capital on February 7.

The Russian Interior Ministry has placed Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Undersecretary of State Taimar Peterkop on the wanted list. The ministry did not specify the grounds for this action, but the arrest warrant for Kallas was reportedly issued in connection with statements supporting the dismantling of a Soviet-era monument in the city of Narva on the border with Russia.

In the USA, House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that Republicans will not vote on the foreign aid package prepared by the Senate, particularly the part that involves further financial support to Ukraine. Johnson stated that national security begins at the country’s borders and criticized the Senate bill for being silent on urgent issues facing the United States. Consequently, the House will continue to work on its own agenda.

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