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Toledo’s Emerging Business Distinguishes Itself with Unique Niche


Sep 15, 2023

Toledo is now home to the “Inspired Lumber Workshop,” a new space dedicated to woodworking and craftsmanship. Founded by Anna Korin and her husband Brian Korin, the workshop offers a place for people to develop their skills or learn a new craft. Anna describes it as a “gym membership with power tools and crafty things,” catering to both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Brian’s journey into woodworking began when his basement flooded years ago, leading him to discover a hidden talent. Now a full-time woodworker and carpenter, he shares his passion for woodworking with others at the workshop. He finds joy in seeing the satisfaction and pride on the faces of participants who come in with no prior experience and end up creating something amazing. The workshop provides a space for individuals to explore their creativity and choose their own path in woodworking.

Anna, who has a background in marketing, also finds immense fulfillment in her new role at the workshop. She believes that the workshop is truly for everyone and enjoys seeing people of all ages and backgrounds come together in this creative space. As a members-only wood shop, the workshop eliminates the need for individuals to bring their own tools or worry about storage. Instead, they can join a community of like-minded individuals and have access to all the necessary tools.

Although membership is required for full access to the workshop, anyone can take classes there. The workshop offers a variety of classes, from building farmhouse tables and cutting boards to painting, resin, and stained glass taught by visiting artists. One of the most popular classes is making cutting boards, where participants showcase their creativity in selecting unique patterns and pieces of wood.

The workshop is also a treasure trove of wooden creations. Anna showcases beautiful flower arrangements made from special types of wood strips carved into shapes of different flowers. There is something for everyone at the workshop, whether it’s an individual pursuing their own project or a family coming together for a woodworking experience.

Moreover, the workshop serves as a platform for individuals who want to start their own woodworking or craft-based businesses. It provides support and a space to promote and sell their creations. Additionally, the workshop offers exclusive classes, such as the Introduction to Power Tools class designed specifically for women. New classes are continuously being added to cater to different interests and skill levels.

Inspired Lumber Workshop is open Tuesday through Sunday and aims to foster a thriving woodworking community in Toledo. Whether people are looking to explore woodworking as a hobby, enhance their skills, or start a small business, the workshop provides the tools and support needed to achieve those goals.

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