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Top DHS Official Accuses China And Iran Of Stealing U.S. Technology


Feb 11, 2024

A senior official from the Department of Homeland Security has reported that both China and Iran are stealing technology from the U.S. and using it to their own advantage. This is only the latest threat among a series of threats posed by foreign powers to U.S. national security and requires our primary focus.

The official mentioned that U.S. technology has been found in recovered military equipment. Jim Mancuso, the assistant director at Homeland Security Investigations, told ABC News that Iran, China, and Russia are all attempting to acquire U.S. technology illegally.

Mr. Mancuso stated that the transfer of U.S. technology abroad is a violation of U.S. export laws. The technology goes to China and is then sent on to Iran, where it is being used in sophisticated drone technologies. U.S. agencies are closely investigating the situation in an attempt to “stay one step ahead” of these actions.

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