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Top Picks for Week 4 College Football: Illinois vs. Florida Atlantic


Sep 20, 2023

Vaughn Dalzell believes that Illinois has a good chance of defeating Florida Atlantic in their upcoming non-conference game in Week 4. One factor that works in Illinois’ favor is the absence of FAU’s starting quarterback, Casey Thompson, who is injured. As a result, Daniel Richardson, a former quarterback from Central Michigan, is set to start for the Owls. Richardson has a strong touchdown-to-interception ratio but lacks mobility and has a subpar completion percentage. Additionally, FAU’s performance in their last two games against Clemson and Ohio has not been impressive, which may affect their confidence going into this road game.

On the other hand, Illinois has shown above-average offense in their previous games against Toledo, Kansas State, and Penn State. Although they have a record of 1-2, they have the potential to perform better and secure a win in this matchup. The key for Illinois will be running effective plays, playing solid defense, and building momentum for their next game against Purdue. A victory in this game is crucial for the team’s progress.

According to Dalzell, Illinois’ odds of winning with a -14 point spread are -115, but he believes that the odds should be higher given the favorable circumstances. He sees this as a perfect opportunity for Illinois to take advantage of FAU’s absence of their starting quarterback. Dalzell’s prediction is that Illinois will come out on top with a -14 point spread.

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