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Tourism in Arizona National Parks Boosts State Economy with $1.88 Billion


Sep 16, 2023

According to National Park Service Regional Director Kate Hammond, visitors to Arizona’s national parks in 2022 spent $1,151.7 million and supported 16,418 jobs in local communities. She highlights that every park in the state offers a unique experience, whether it’s learning about history or enjoying various outdoor recreational opportunities.

The National Park Service Director Chuck Sams emphasizes the significance of national parks, stating that tourism has an undeniable impact on these parks. Not only do they provide jobs and income for communities across the country, but they also contribute to the nation’s economy as essential drivers.

The report conducted by economists at the National Park Service reveals that approximately 312 million park visitors spent $23.9 billion in communities within 90 miles of national parks. This spending supported 378,400 jobs nationwide, with 314,600 jobs specifically found in gateway communities. The overall cumulative benefit to the US economy was $50.3 billion.

When analyzing the economic impact of tourist spending, the lodging sector had the most direct influence, contributing $9 billion to the national economy. Following closely, the restaurant sector contributed $4.6 billion in economic output across the nation.

In Arizona, visitors to national parks spent $1,151.7 million in 2022, supporting 16,418 jobs within local communities. Regional Director Kate Hammond highlights the diversity of experiences offered by Arizona’s national parks, ranging from up-close history lessons to a wide array of outdoor recreational activities.

Arizona is home to various national parks, such as Grand Canyon National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and Saguaro National Park, among others. These parks provide visitors with memorable experiences and contribute to the preservation of local history and environmental protection.

The National Park Service has created an interactive tool and reports that allow users to explore the economic contribution of visitor spending, employment, labor income, and value added in each sector of the local economy. Trend data by year is also available on the NPS Social Science Program website.

For more information about Arizona’s national parks and the National Park Service’s efforts to collaborate with local communities in preserving history, protecting the environment, and providing outdoor recreation, please visit their official website.

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