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Tourists Discover Body in Airbnb Apartment During Vacation Shock


Feb 12, 2024

During a vacation in Strasbourg, France, a shocking discovery was made in an Airbnb apartment in the suburb of Hoenheim. Upon entering the apartment, the vacationers found a body inside. After alerting the police, it was revealed that only one person besides the tenants had a key to the apartment, which was the apartment owner’s friend. This friend, aged 48, had been responsible for renting and cleaning the apartment on behalf of the owner. It was determined that he had collapsed and passed away in the apartment without anyone noticing. The cause of his death is still unknown, but an autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact circumstances.

As for the rest of the content, it appears to be unrelated to the initial news about the discovery in the Airbnb apartment. Therefore, it may not be necessary to include it in the rewritten content.

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