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Trade Offers Received for Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson


Mar 26, 2024

The Jets are considering trading quarterback Zach Wilson, as they have received trade offers for him. However, they have not accepted any of the offers they’ve received so far. The terms of the offers and the teams making them are unknown at this time. It is believed that owner Woody Johnson may be the one preventing a trade from happening.

During a press availability at the annual meetings, coach Robert Saleh declined to comment on the status of Wilson and deferred to G.M. Joe Douglas, who may in turn be deferring to Johnson. It would be ironic if Johnson is the reason a trade hasn’t occurred, especially after making negative comments about Wilson in the past.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Wilson’s future with the team, the Jets understand the need to move forward and potentially draft a new quarterback in the future. Wilson’s compensation package is a factor in any decision to trade him. As top quarterback prospects become more influential in the league, the Jets may struggle to attract talented players if they mishandle their current players, such as Wilson.

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