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Tragic Accident in Sitni Gornji: School Van Accident Sends Five Children to Hospital


Nov 21, 2023

A traffic accident occurred on the road connecting Srinjine and Gornje Sitno around 1:30 p.m. A school van carrying five children and the driver ran off the road. Initial information suggested that there were no serious injuries, but official information from the doctor was still awaited. The driver did not ask for medical help.

Vice president of HDZ Split and the principal of the elementary school in Srinjine, Zrinka Mužinić Bikić, stated that she was at the hospital with the students and their parents. She mentioned that the children were undergoing medical treatment and were conscious. She expressed hope that the rest of the findings would be encouraging and said that they were joking, thankfully. Mužinić Bikić also commented on the condition of the road where the accident occurred.

She mentioned that there were five students in the van, four eighth-graders and one third-grader. She spoke with their parents, who provided encouraging initial information, and said that the children were in shock and being examined. She was on her way to the hospital to see the condition of the children for herself.

Mužinić Bikić pointed out that the road where the accident occurred had critical safety issues, such as the lack of a protective fence. She expressed concern about the poor condition of retaining walls and vertical signage. She stated that they had sent an appeal two months ago and was puzzled by the lack of a protective fence.

Mužinić Bikić emphasized the importance of addressing the safety issues and hoped that the authorities would react to avoid future tragedies. She expressed hope that the city’s attitude towards the issue would change for the better.

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