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Trail Blazers Considering New TV Broadcast Partner MediaQuery


Apr 2, 2024

The Portland Trail Blazers are considering different options for televising their 2024-25 season, according to a report by local media member Danny Marang. Changes at current provider ROOT Sports, along with shifts in the broadcasting marketplace, are prompting Portland to explore new outlets for their broadcasts.

Marang notes that Comcast/Xfinity, a prominent local cable company, recently moved ROOT and its Blazers broadcasts to a high-tier package, resulting in significant increases in cable bills for subscribers who wanted to watch the games. This increase may have contributed to a decline in viewership by half this year.

With ROOT Sports being acquired by the Seattle Mariners, there is speculation that the new ownership may not prioritize retaining broadcasts from the Blazers or paying rights fees to their NBA counterparts in Portland. The current contract between the Blazers and ROOT, which is a four-year deal that began in 2021, leaves room for possible renegotiation or change.

Marang suggests that partnering with over-the-air broadcast stations like Fox 12, KOIN, or KGW could be more beneficial for the franchise due to their wider market reach compared to a niche cable network like ROOT. He also mentions the possibility of an in-house streaming option for games, similar to what the Utah Jazz currently offer.

The article concludes with a prediction that there will be a significant shift in how Trail Blazers games are delivered to fans in the upcoming season. Marang suggests that most, if not all, of the Blazers’ inventory could be on a platform outside of ROOT SPORTS, making it more readily available to fans. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned throughout the summer as this story continues to unfold.

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