Transform the World by Addressing Bullying, One Case at a Time.

Bullying is a serious issue affecting millions of children in the United States. Approximately 18 million children will be bullied this year, which is one in four people. The consequences of bullying can be devastating, with children experiencing a loss of confidence, erosion of self-esteem, and feelings of loneliness. In some cases, bullying causes children to feel unsafe at school, with three million students feigning sickness to avoid going to school.

Jalen Arnold knows the impact bullying can have firsthand. Jalen has Tourette Syndrome, Asperger’s, and OCD, and has suffered from bullying throughout his life. The kids at his school called him “devil,” stole his lunch, clothes, and belongings, and forced him to wear a sign that read, “My name is Jalen Arnold, I have Tourette Syndrome and Autism.” Jalen and his mother, Robin Arnold, decided enough was enough and founded Jalen’s Challenge to advocate for those being bullied.

Jalen’s Challenge is a nonprofit that educates children about Tourette Syndrome and advocates for stopping bullying. Jalen has spoken to over 300,000 children, spreading his message of speaking up and advocating for oneself. Every child who participates in Jalen’s Challenge receives a book, a glow-in-the-dark wristband, and a certificate. His nonprofit won the Princess Diana Legacy Award, and Jalen has spoken at over 200 schools to date.

Jalen graduates from college this month with a bachelor’s degree in film production and minor business. However, he plans to continue working with his foundation. Jalen’s Challenge has a waiting list of over 200 schools interested in hearing him speak, and his message has gained worldwide attention. Jalen’s Challenge is a nonprofit, and to this day, none of its participants have received compensation. One hundred percent of donations go back to the foundation to fund supplies for children.

Jalen’s Challenge is an inspiring testament to the power of speaking up and advocating for oneself. By spreading his message, Jalen hopes to create a ripple effect of positive change and encourage children to find their voice. To learn more about Jalen’s Challenge and to access free educational tools, visit

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