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Trapped Refugees in the Gaza War


Feb 13, 2024

Israel’s attack on the border town of Rafah has further worsened the situation for over a million displaced people. Egypt is now threatening to revoke the 1979 peace treaty with Israel as a result of the violence.

The situation in the south Gaza city of Rafah has continued to deteriorate as Israel has followed through on its announcement to attack from the air. Local reports, which cannot be verified, suggest that up to 160 Palestinians have died, including fighters and hostages.

According to Israeli media, up to 1.5 million people are located on the border with Egypt, including 300,000 original residents of the city and 1.2 million internally displaced people. The situation in the region has been described as “catastrophic” and “terrible” by insiders.

There are fears that more than two million people could flow into Egypt from the Gaza Strip, leading to an increase in military presence on the border and the possibility of a major offensive. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi does not want to deal with the potential influx of Palestinians and is increasing pressure on Israel to refrain from further escalation.

Despite the growing tensions and potential consequences, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems determined to continue the offensive on Rafah. Military experts anticipate heavy ground fighting that could last for weeks. There are concerns that the situation could ignite a conflagration throughout the entire region, particularly with the start of Ramadan approaching.

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