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Trip.com Group and AirAsia plan to work together in various areas of their business operations


Apr 2, 2024

Trip.com Group and Capital A, the parent company of AirAsia, have entered into a wide-ranging strategic partnership that will foster collaboration across various segments of their businesses. This includes flights, accommodations, attractions and tickets, car-hailing services, and payments. This partnership is an extension of the initial collaboration that started in 2020. Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, expressed enthusiasm about the involvement of AirAsia, AirAsia MOVE, and BigPay in this partnership. He highlighted that the collaboration goes beyond just promoting AirAsia flights and other services on Trip.com Group’s platforms. The focus will be on expanding AirAsia’s presence in China and then introducing Trip.com Group’s customer base to ASEAN. Additionally, AirAsia MOVE will partner with Trip.com Group to offer hotel inventory, MOVE activities, tickets, and ride collaborations to users. The goal is to tap into each other’s networks and resources to provide enhanced travel experiences for customers, benefitting both organizations.

Both companies also announced that there will be cooperation between their customer service teams. Trip.com Group’s payment subsidiary, TripLink, will provide payment solutions for AirAsia Aviation Group. Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com Group, emphasized the strong and longstanding relationship with Capital A, viewing the strategic partnership as a significant milestone in their mutual efforts to advance and fortify the tourism industry. She noted that the positive outcomes observed since the initial agreement in 2020 have led to the continuous improvement of processes and customer experiences at Trip.com Group. Sun expressed excitement about leveraging these competencies in collaboration with Capital A to empower users and elevate their travel experiences.

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