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Trump’s statements are dangerously playing into Russia’s hands, warn Olaf Scholz and Donald Tusk


Feb 13, 2024

Trump, who is running for president again, drew the ire of his Western partners when he hinted on Sunday that the US might not defend NATO allies that do not spend enough on defense against a potential Russian attack. “Any relativization of the guarantee of coming to the aid of other NATO members is irresponsible and dangerous and only works in Russia’s hands,” said Scholz after the meeting with Tusk in Berlin.He added that “the security of Poland is also our security”.

Scholz said that Germany and Poland cooperate at all levels and that solidarity and joint action are indispensable today. “Especially at a time when Russian imperialism threatens the common security of Europe,” Scholz said. Tusk said that Germany and Poland must take joint responsibility for increasing Europe’s defense capability. He also assessed that there is no alternative to close cooperation between Europe and the USA. “We must do everything to ensure that transatlantic cooperation remains the basis of our security. There is no alternative to this cooperation”, Tusk pointed out.

The Polish Prime Minister, who visited Paris before Berlin, said that the European Union is “financially and economically superior” compared to Russia and that money should not be an obstacle to the defense strengthening of Europe.“There is no reason why the strongest economic and technological power in the world, such as the EU, should not be effective when it comes to armaments when it is threatened by an aggressive neighbor,” Tusk said.Referring to the request of the former Polish right-wing government for the payment of war reparations, Scholz once again emphasized Germany’s responsibility for the horrors committed in the Second World War. Relations between Germany and Poland have fallen to their lowest level in recent years during the rule of the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, in which Warsaw has repeatedly withdrawn the issue of paying war reparations.

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