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Tsegay from Ethiopia shatters the women’s 5000m world record


Sep 17, 2023

At the Women’s 5000 meters race during the World Athletics Championships held at the National Athletics Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on August 23, 2023, Ethiopia’s Gudav Tsegei emerged as the victor. In a monumental feat, Tsegei not only won the race but also set a new world record for the women’s 5,000-meter dash. Clocking in at an impressive time of 14 minutes 00.21 seconds, Tsegei’s record-breaking performance surpassed the previous record set by Kenya’s Faith Kipyegon in June.

The race was intense, featuring formidable competitors such as Kenya’s Beatrice Chebet and Ethiopia’s Ezigaif Taye. Chebet secured second place with a time of 14:05.92, while Taye finished third with a time of 14:21.52. However, it was Tsegei’s exceptional speed and endurance that set her apart from the rest. Right from the start, she set a blistering pace, distancing herself from Chebet as the race progressed.

The spectators at Hayward Field in Budapest were captivated by Tsegei’s incredible performance. With about 800 meters left to go, she pulled even further ahead, leaving her competitors struggling to keep up. As Tsegei crossed the finish line, she shattered Kipyegon’s previous world record, surpassing it by approximately five seconds. The sheer magnitude of Tsegei’s achievement left her physically drained, and she collapsed in exhaustion after crossing the finish line. However, she soon regained her composure and, displaying immense sportsmanship, proceeded to autograph the fans’ memorabilia from the stands.

This remarkable display of athleticism and resilience placed Tsegei in the limelight, as her name etched itself into the history books of women’s long-distance running. With her record-breaking performance, Tsegei solidified her status as one of the world’s greatest runners. The race not only showcased Tsegei’s incredible talent but also highlighted the exceptional abilities of Chebet and Taye. Their fierce competition and determination set the stage for a thrilling event, captivating the hearts of spectators and inspiring both aspiring athletes and seasoned professionals alike.

Reported by Amy Tennery from New York and edited by Louise Havens and Hugh Lawson, the race’s coverage adheres to Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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