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Twitter reintroduces blue check marks to some discontent.


Apr 4, 2024

Elon Musk is distributing free Premium and Premium Plus benefits to accounts with a high number of verified followers. However, not all users are pleased with this announcement. On Wednesday, several X users expressed their dissatisfaction with seeing the blue checkmark next to their handles despite not having paid for these subscriptions. The change comes just over five months after Musk introduced two subscription tiers on the platform previously known as Twitter.

Last week, Musk stated that users with over 2,500 paying followers would be granted free Premium access, which includes reduced ads and other advantages. Those with more than 5,000 such followers would be given free Premium Plus, a higher-cost tier that eliminates ads, among other benefits. The blue checkmark was once a coveted symbol of status awarded to verified high-profile users such as journalists, celebrities, politicians, and official agencies.

After Musk assumed control in 2022, users’ blue checkmarks vanished and were made available for purchase by anyone. This shift made it more difficult for users to identify authentic accounts, leading to the proliferation of misinformation on X under Musk’s management. Wednesday’s return of the free blue checkmark sparked a series of jokes on the platform. Some users who received the badge have posted proof that it is not only being given to verified individuals. Several users defended themselves by stating they did not pay for the badge.

The platform is frequented by journalists, but some, including at least one of Business Insider’s reporters, do not seem thrilled with their new status. Other users are relieved that they haven’t received a blue checkmark yet. However, some people are excited about their new badge. A user expressed their desire to have it removed.

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