Two Mexican Grill Restaurants, Los Amigos, Shut Down Due to Rat Feces and Violating Health Code

Two Boston-based restaurants that belong to the same chain recently closed temporarily due to food poisoning and rat droppings. On May 18th, the Los Amigos Mexican Grill restaurant in Brighton Center was closed due to health violations that had been observed by inspectors. The West Roxbury restaurant was also closed on May 19th for failing to comply with city codes related to maintaining cleanliness. According to the city’s website, the Brighton Center location had six health violations, including expired food control certificate, visible rust and mold on wire rack shelving, and no sanitizer installed. Inspectors also reported receiving multiple reports of food poisoning from customers who consumed food from this location.

The city confirmed that salmonella was detected at the Brighton location, and customers who visited the restaurant between May 12th and May 17th were urged to seek medical attention if they experienced symptoms. The Public Health Commission also reported opening a new Cajun restaurant, GOMBO, in Northampton’s former Wynwich site.

Inspectors who visited the West Roxbury site found improper cooling of perishables such as salsas and guacamole, onions on the floor, and refrigeration units and grill drawers without proper temperatures. Sanitation was also an issue, with only one employee washing their hands properly between tasks. Spatulas were also found stored in stagnant water, cans and bags used to store food were contaminated with rat droppings, and an employee was seen washing their hands in the prep sink. The inspectors urged the restaurants to retrain employees on hand-washing and proper glove use.

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