Ukrainian girlfriend of UK-based owner brutally murdered in Bangkok apartment

The body of Arona Savchenko, a Ukrainian model, was found in her Bangkok apartment on Monday. She was brutally sawed into pieces in the luxury Thai apartment she shared with her Polish boyfriend, Jan Gerzy Lagoda-Filipou. The two were seen entering a hotel apartment in Kee Sathorn Charoenraj on Saturday, April 29. Lagoda-Filipou has an advertising business in London’s Covent Garden, and Arona had previously done a photo shoot for him. CCTV footage showed the couple looking happy as they walked towards their room, but on the morning of May 15, Lagoda-Filipou rushed out of the building alone, dragging his luggage and looking very nervous.

The guards became suspicious and called the hotel to report the unusual behavior of the Poles. The passenger had allegedly used the Google Translate app to ask for help in dismembering the body. Hotel staff went to check on the couple’s room on the 32nd floor and found Arona’s carved body on her bed. A bloody saw was found next to her, and investigators believe she had been dead for a day. Lagoda-Filipou was found dead by hotel staff and police and is suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

Investigators believe Lagoda-Filipou was trying to flee the country when he was caught at the Aranyaprathet border crossing in Sa Kaew province, 135 miles away. He was taken into custody for questioning at Wat Phraya Krai Police Station, while police reported the arrest to the Polish Embassy. An investigation is ongoing, and embassy officials are expected to arrive later.

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