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Uncertainty Surrounding Renovation of Dilapidated Berlin Police Buildings


Nov 20, 2023

The black-red coalition is planning to renovate the dilapidated police stations and properties to address issues such as moldy showers, legionella, falling ceilings, and defective windows and heaters. However, the Draft budget for 2024 and 2025 doesn’t allocate a single cent for these renovations. This is contradictory to what the CDU and SPD promised in the coalition agreement. They had expressed the importance of supporting the police and rescue workers, as well as significantly increasing the financial resources for the repair, modernization, and expansion of police and fire stations.

While there is a need for at least 2.1 billion euros for the renovation of police properties, only 10 million euros are planned for the necessary renovations at the fire department. There is also a lack of clarity on where the funds for the renovations will come from, with the coalition planning to pay for the costs from the proposed climate fund. This has raised concerns about the inadequate allocation of funds and the lack of clarity around the funding for these crucial renovations.

There are also concerns about the condition of many police and fire department buildings in terms of energy efficiency. Almost two-thirds of these buildings need to be renovated in terms of energy efficiency. In addition, it is unclear when and how the planned renovations will be carried out, as there is currently a lack of specific measures outlined for these renovations. The Interior Department is expected to present a report with a list of priorities for the renovations but the timeline for this is uncertain.

These concerns have been further compounded by the legal and financial implications of the proposed climate fund. Under the current plan, the climate fund would only be able to cover part of the renovation costs, and there are doubts about the fund’s compatibility with the debt brake requirements. This has raised concerns about the legal and financial risks that the proposed renovations and the climate fund strategy might pose.

Overall, there are significant uncertainties surrounding the planned renovations of police and fire department properties, including the sources of funding, the feasibility of the proposed climate fund, and the legal and financial implications of the planned renovations. This has led to concerns about the government’s commitment to addressing the urgent need for these critical infrastructure improvements.

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