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Under Conservative Leadership, the Texas Economy Thrives


Apr 2, 2024

Texas has once again shown that with the right leadership and policies in place, economic success is certainly achievable. The latest figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis reveal that the Texas economy is surpassing the rest of the United States by a significant margin.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Texas saw a remarkable 5% growth in real gross domestic product (GDP). This marks the sixth consecutive year that Texas has exceeded the national average in economic growth.

Governor Greg Abbott expressed his pride in Texas’ economic achievements, attributing them to the state’s business-friendly environment and highly skilled workforce. He highlighted Texas as a hub for innovation and job creation, emphasizing the state’s commitment to investing in education, workforce development, and infrastructure for long-term prosperity.

These positive economic indicators come shortly after Governor Abbott hailed Texas as the leading state in job creation across the nation. The state’s success in both economic growth and job creation reaffirms Texas’ position as a powerhouse in the nation’s economy.

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