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Understanding the evolving landscape of credit cards


Apr 2, 2024

According to eMarketer, credit cards are expected to remain the most popular payment method for US consumers up to next year. The total credit card transactional value is projected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2025. However, with changing rewards and fees, consumers may find it challenging to determine which cards to use. Cardless Co-founder & President Michael Spelfogel discusses his company and the important factors consumers should consider in a shifting credit card landscape.

When choosing the right credit card, Spelfogel advises consumers to select a card that aligns with their lifestyle and spending habits. He emphasizes the diversity of credit cards available today, citing Robinhood (HOOD) as an example that caters to Gen Z and Millennials. The ultimate goal of Cardless and similar companies is to broaden access to various products in the market.

For further insights and the latest market trends, viewers can watch the full episode of Wealth! for expert commentary and analysis. This article was authored by Nicholas Jacobino.

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