Universal health care is a clear necessity for every Vermonter according to Morgan Brown.

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In a recent commentary piece, Morgan W. Brown of Montpelier shared their struggle in finding a primary care doctor. After a counseling session, they were advised to see their primary care doctor for specific health concerns. However, they had not had a family doctor for a few years, and their former primary care doctor had retired. Vermont allows naturopathic doctors to work as primary care physicians, and patients on government-funded programs can access these services through Medicaid. Unfortunately, they cannot bill Medicare.

Last fall, the author was brought to a local hospital’s emergency room. Though they did not receive overnight care, they were referred to an internist, who examined them months later. However, the internist has since retired. Recently, they have been struggling with chronic pain in their back and have had two separate temporary immobilizations related to this issue. Returning to their former doctors was not an option.

The author expressed their preference for finding a naturopathic doctor, similar to a small-town general practitioner. However, finding a practitioner who accepts new patients and limited health coverage has been challenging. They acknowledge that many individuals face similar difficulties in accessing quality healthcare.

The author notes that despite the immense amount of public and private money dedicated to the healthcare system, many individuals still struggle to receive proper care and treatment. They believe that a publicly-funded, universal healthcare system is necessary to address these issues effectively. However, there are bills before the Vermont House of Representatives and State Senate that have yet to move past committee stages.

The author urges politicians to prioritize this issue and provide universal healthcare coverage for all Vermont residents. They argue that promoting the status quo will only continue to benefit a select few, leaving many individuals without the care they need.

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