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University Health is responsible for caring for the Olympic athletes of Team USA


Sep 17, 2023

UF Health has entered into a two-year partnership agreement with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Medical Network to provide medical treatment for Olympic athletes representing Team USA at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. The partnership will be officially announced at the general meeting preceding Saturday’s University of Florida football game. As part of the agreement, UF Health will offer various types of care to Team USA athletes and aspiring Team USA athletes at no cost, in exchange for the marketing benefits derived from the partnership.

Kevin Vincent, director of therapy and rehabilitation at UF Health, explained that the medical care provided will encompass a wide range of areas such as pregnancy and dentistry, tailored to the specific needs of the athletes. Vincent expressed his confidence in the exceptional care delivered by UF Health, stating, “If the Olympics partners with you to take care of the members of Team USA, who are Olympic candidates, they’re saying that it’s really high quality, and that’s what we’re doing in our communities.”

While there is a financial limit on the care provided to athletes, specific figures were not disclosed by Vincent. However, a press release from UF Health mentioned that significant funds are annually donated to ensure the success of the athletes. UF Health President, David R. Nelson, considered this partnership as a great honor, emphasizing that it showcases the organization’s ability to deliver comprehensive care to any selected Olympic athlete. He also highlighted the importance of championing healthcare for all individuals, not just athletes, by providing the same quality care to everyone.

UF Health becomes the eighth member and the first in the southeast region of the USOPC’s medical network. The other members include institutions such as Texas Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah Health. UF President Ben Sasse expressed pride in being selected as a part of the network, stating that it reflects UF Health’s commitment to providing excellent healthcare.

The partnership between UF Health and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Medical Network will last for two years, demonstrating UF Health’s dedication to delivering exceptional care to Team USA athletes and aspiring athletes.

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