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Unlikelihood of a Vulcan rocket carrying a lander to reach the Moon


Feb 13, 2024

The American lander, scheduled to reach the surface of the moon at the end of February, has encountered significant issues. The Astrobotic company reported that the lander has lost a critical amount of fuel, rendering it unable to complete a successful moon landing. The company is working to stabilize the situation and recover data and research information. They are also exploring alternative job profiles as they investigate the current viable options.

The company has updated the situation, revealing the goal to get the lander as close as possible to the moon despite the fuel leak. They believe that if the thrusters continue to operate, the spacecraft can remain stable for about another 40 hours based on current fuel consumption. Earlier, the lander experienced problems with its solar panels and thruster system, resulting in the loss of fuel.

The lander was launched into the sky from Florida, USA, on Monday at 9:18 a.m. Finnish time via the load-bearing Vulcan Centaur rocket developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The Vulcan rocket aims to strengthen the US’s ability to organize space flights and is expected to be a competitor to rockets manufactured by SpaceX. It is part of the US’s plans to send people to the moon within the decade and carried DNA samples and ashes from various individuals.

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