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“Unraveling Women’s Health: Solving Medical Enigmas and Evolving Recommendations”


Jun 1, 2023

The weekly Well+Being newsletter is discussing women’s health today, beginning with a medical mystery that could change the way psychiatrists treat their patients. April and Divine are two women who suffered from severe psychosis due to an autoimmune disorder that went undetected for years. Thanks to their groundbreaking treatment, they both made a full recovery and doctors are now beginning to explore how inflammation and autoimmune conditions impact psychiatric care.

The newsletter also includes a list of advice for women to protect their health, such as new mammography exams and gynecological surgery precautions. Additionally, there is a focus on heart disease, which is the number one killer of American women, and the importance of recognizing its symptoms.

In other news, a new study reveals that movement can actually help improve brain function, while caffeine keeps us going during exercise. However, ticks can also be deadly, as they can carry the potentially fatal Powassan virus disease.

Overall, this Well+Being newsletter covers a range of important topics that women should be aware of in order to prioritize their health and wellbeing.

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