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Unsanitary Conditions Found at Asian Buffet, Including Presence of Dead Rodents and Cockroaches, Among Other Health Violations


Jun 9, 2023

MetroHealth inspectors recently uncovered a range of health violations at a Southside Asian buffet in San Antonio. The violations included dead rodents and cockroaches, with the business seeing its score drop 18 points in just four months, down from 89 in January to just over 71 in May. The sushi on the buffet line was too warm, and there was a fly trap with pests found right above the cooking area. In addition, raw chicken was kept next to cooked chicken, there were plumbing issues that needed fixing, and toxic chemicals were improperly stored. The employee bathroom also had to be cleaned and sanitized.

Mi Mexico Restaurant on Block 3100 in South Zarzamora also scored poorly, with a score of 73. Chicken and fajitas cooked the day before were improperly cooled, and other food in the cold room was too warm. Workers were preparing food without gloves, and tortillas were stored in grocery store to-go bags. The cutting board had deep scratches and needed to be replaced, and the floor needed a thorough cleaning.

Culebra Meat Market #12 also had health violations and scored 81. They needed to do a thorough cleaning inside, and their ice machine, showcase window, and sliding door were broken. Water was splashing and leaking from the drain pipe, and ceiling tiles above the bakery and butcher market had peeled away, exposing the insulation.

For those wanting to check the recent scores of food businesses in San Antonio, KSAT 12 has created a mapping tool that shows the scores going back six months. The tool is frequently updated. KSAT Investigates reporter Tim Gerber will report on these violations on his Nightbeat show on Thursday.

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