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Updating a Sled with Modern Technology


Feb 12, 2024

Street sledding has been a popular pastime in Norway, but it is slowly becoming less popular. [Justin], also known as [Garage Avenger], noticed this decline in popularity and wanted to revitalize the activity. He equipped a child-sized sled with powerful electric turbines to make it suitable for the modern era.

To refurbish the sled, [Justin] removed rust from the runners and reconditioned the wood. He then replaced the fuel-burning jet engines with electric motors that can spin their turbine blades at an impressive 80,000 rpm. Additionally, the sled received a set of 3D printed cowlings for the turbines, a thumb throttle on the upgraded handlebars, and a big battery with an Arduino to bring it all together.

Once everything was assembled, the powerful sled easily reached speeds of 20-30 kph on a sheet of ice, depending on passenger weight and size. It also has a brake built on an old ice skate for emergency stops. The sled was a huge hit for everyone at the skating pond. There are other ways to spruce up old sleds as well, such as adding a suspension for rocketing down unplowed roads.

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