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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hospitalized in intensive care for another health issue


Feb 12, 2024

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Virginia for a bladder problem. As a result, she has transferred her duties to her deputy, Kathleen Hicks. It remains unclear how long she will remain hospitalized, according to the Pentagon.

Last December, Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery. His hospitalization, which was initially kept hidden even from President Joe Biden, has sparked controversy in the US. He was hospitalized again on January 1 due to complications.

The US Secretary of Defense’s health issues have raised concerns and prompted discussions about leadership succession in the event that she is unable to fulfill her duties. The uncertainty surrounding her hospitalization has led to speculation and questions about the management of the Department of Defense.

As the situation unfolds, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks will step in to fulfill Austin’s responsibilities. Additionally, the Pentagon will continue to provide updates on Austin’s condition and her expected recovery timeline.

It is crucial for the Department of Defense to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities and maintain strong leadership during this challenging time. The Secretary’s health is of utmost importance, and the department is focused on supporting her recovery.

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