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US Senate condemns Israel for “criminal” actions in Gaza


Feb 13, 2024

In a recent tweet, US Senator Chris Van Hollen accused the Israeli government of war crimes and referred to its leaders as war criminals. He also criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for thanking President Biden and the US for military assistance while mostly rejecting their requests.

This accusation comes as Congress debates over aid to Israel, with Republicans opposing any political achievements for President Biden during an election year. Former President Donald Trump has already called on Republicans to oppose the proposal. Despite opposition, the Senate approved an aid package for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Van Hollen, a Democratic senator from Maryland, has a history of criticizing Israel’s policies. He has urged the American government to act against the eviction of Palestinians, called for an investigation into the death of Shirin Abu Aqla, and opposed granting visa exemptions to Israelis.

In summary, the senator’s recent accusation against the Israeli government is part of a larger pattern of criticism and advocacy for policy change in the region.

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