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Usher’s Earnings from Super Bowl Halftime Show Revealed


Feb 12, 2024

R&B singer Usher is set to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl half-time show, where he will be performing hit songs such as ‘Yeah!,’ ‘Love in This Club,’ ‘U Remind Me,’ ‘Burn’ and ‘Confessions.’ This opportunity came about after Jay-Z, from Roc Nation, hand-picked Usher to perform. Jay-Z praised Usher’s artistry and showmanship, emphasizing his unique course in the industry and his ability to captivate audiences.

Usher himself has expressed his excitement about the show, calling it the “honor of a lifetime” and thanking his fans and everyone involved in making it happen. Despite the absence of direct payment for the performance, the exposure at the Super Bowl promises a significant boost in record sales and streaming figures for Usher. This means that his new album, COMING HOME, is likely to reach a much wider audience, resulting in a substantial financial gain.

It’s worth noting that while performers at the Super Bowl half-time show don’t receive a paycheck, the NFL covers their travel expenses and the exorbitant production costs of the entire show. Despite its short duration, the half-time show is an expensive undertaking, with the 2020 performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira costing the NFL millions of dollars. Although there is no direct payment, the exposure at the Super Bowl guarantees a major increase in visibility and financial gain for the artists involved.

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