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Using Sports to Attract Visitors: How Four Unlikely Cities are Embracing Different Approaches


Nov 21, 2023

Sports tourism has a range of experiences, from attending a local tournament to traveling across the country. Behind the scenes, cities of all sizes are spending huge amounts of money to attract events and fans and their money.

While big cities are able to handle events like the Super Bowl, smaller markets compete for thousands of other events every year. Sports Business Journal looks at four markets that are considered under the radar and are looking to gain event bids and provide attendees with a major league experience.

The Virginia town of Salem is preparing to host its 100th NCAA championship. Houston recently won several events and has seen increased tourism as a result. Greensboro, N.C. lives up to its ‘Tournament Town’ nickname, and Louisville has upgraded venues to coincide with an increase in events.

State funds help cities of all sizes attract sports events and their fans, and a deal with PGA Tour aims to put visitors on course to South Carolina. Major events can be a driving force for tourism in any city.

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