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Utilizing Politics as a Business Asset


Nov 20, 2023

Stuart Altschuler’s Nov. 13 letter argues that corporations exist primarily to sell products and make a profit. However, he believes that corporations should not engage in any form of political activity. It’s worth mentioning that corporate leaders may choose to adopt a particular image or support a candidate or political position if they believe it will attract more customers and increase profits. Altschuler’s suggestion of corporate neutrality as the best business policy should be left to the discretion of the company’s executives, not outsiders or politicians.

Ultimately, the decision of whether a corporation should engage in political activity should rest on the judgment of the executives running the company. It is not the place of outsiders or politicians to dictate how a corporation should operate in this regard. Each company should be given the freedom to make decisions that align with their goals and objectives. Therefore, it is crucial to respect the autonomy of corporate leaders when it comes to their business policies.

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