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Coaches or crew representatives may be requested to report the outcomes as shortly as doable by way of e mail after the game sports@burlingtonfreepress.comPlease ship your title/contact information.

► Contact Alex Abrami at adjust to him on twitter @aabrami5.

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Wednesday HS sport

girls hockey

U-32 at Burr and Burton, 5pm

Champlain Valley/Mount Mansfield on BFA-St.Albans, 5:30 p.m.

Rutland, Essex, 6:15pm

Mississippi at Woodstock, 6:40pm

Kingdom Blaze at Stowe, 7pm

boy hockey

Northfield, Hartford, 6pm

Spalding’s St. Johnsbury, 5pm

Burlington, Lyndon, 4:45 p.m.

Essex, South Burlington, 7:30pm

Bar and Barton at Mississippi, 7pm

Woodstock, Middlebury, 7pm

U-32 at Milton, 7:30 p.m.

Champlain Valley at BFA St.Albans, 7:30 p.m.

girls’s basketball

Middlebury, Colchester, 7pm

Enosburg in Vergennes, 7pm

Mount Abraham, Mississippi, 7 PM

Hazen in Richford, 7pm

Milton’s Stowe, 7pm

Winooski’s Northfield, 7pm

Twinfields of the Blue Mountains, 7pm

Williamstown, Danville, 7:30 p.m.

males’s basketball

Harwood on U-32, 7pm

Lydon Lake District, 7pm

Lamoille at Spaulding, 7pm

Mount St. Joseph’s Montpelier, 7pm


Milton, Montpelier, 7pm

HS sport on Thursday

girls’s basketball

South Burlington, Essex, 7:30pm

Mount Mansfield, Champlain Valley, 7pm

BFA-st.Albans at Burlington, 7pm

Harwood, Montpelier, 7pm

Spalding at Lamoille, 7pm

Lyndon on U-32, 7pm

People of Thetford, 7pm

males’s basketball

BFA-st.Albans in South Burlington, 7pm

Winooski of Stowe

Milton’s BFA Fairfax


Essex, Vergennes, 6pm

(Scheduled to range)

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