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Vietnamese Refugee Builds Successful Cabinetry Business in Philadelphia after Fleeing War-era Vietnam by Boat


Nov 21, 2023

Johnny Nguyen, who left Vietnam during the Vietnam War, built a new life in the United States and eventually started a business called DVR Cabinetry. After leaving his home country, he boarded a boat with his brother and resided in an immigrant camp in Malaysia for several years before making their way to the United States.

Initially becoming a student and taking on jobs in sewing and printing, Nguyen eventually started his own print business creating business cards and brochures in his garage. He transitioned into the construction industry and eventually established DVR Cabinetry.

Now located in Northeast Philadelphia, DVR Cabinetry specializes in assembling cabinets and countertops and employs around 25 people. Nguyen hopes to hire at least 50 more people as the business continues to grow.

Nguyen sees himself as an example of the American dream and aims to inspire the next generation. He believes that America is a place where everyone can find opportunity and work hard to achieve their dreams. To learn more about DVR Cabinetry, visit their website.

In a related story, Eric Tucker grew up around his great grandfather’s lumber yard and is now the fourth-generation owner of the business, continuing its legacy into a new century.

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