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Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Son expresses hope for US recognition of its ‘market economy’ status


Mar 26, 2024

The Foreign Minister of Vietnam, FM Son, expressed hope that the United States would soon recognize Vietnam’s ‘market economy’ status. This statement was made on WTVB, a radio station known as The Voice of Branch County. The significance of this recognition is that it would acknowledge Vietnam’s progress in its economic development and potentially lead to increased trade opportunities between the two countries.

Currently, Vietnam is classified as a ‘non-market economy’ by the US, which comes with certain trade restrictions and tariffs. By being recognized as a ‘market economy, Vietnam hopes to level the playing field and enhance its trade relations with the US. FM Son emphasized the importance of this recognition for Vietnam’s continued growth and development.

Due to the temporary closure of offices at WTVB to ensure the health and safety of everyone during the current situation, they have made arrangements to mail prizes to winners or provide specific instructions for redeeming them. They can still be reached by phone during weekday business hours for any questions or concerns. This reflects the station’s commitment to maintaining communication with its audience despite the challenges posed by the circumstances.

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