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“Vigil to Honor Slain Hospital Security Officer to Offer Mental Health Support” – New Hampshire Bulletin


Nov 20, 2023

A candlelight vigil will be held Monday at 4:30 p.m. near the state hospital to honor Bradley Haas, a security officer who was killed at the hospital on Friday. Mental health support will be available for those in attendance and anyone who cannot attend is encouraged to call the state’s Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline or use other services.
The vigil will be attended by state officials and mental health providers as a way to show support for the staff and patients at the hospital. NAMI NH will be on-site to provide mental health support to those in need. The victim, 63-year-old Bradley Haas of Franklin, had been with the hospital since 2019 and was formerly the chief of police in Franklin.
The man responsible for Haas’s death is 33-year-old John Madore, described by police as a transient. Little is known about the circumstances that led Madore to the hospital but the presence of an AR-style rifle, tactical vest, and ammunition in a U-Haul found in the hospital parking lot has raised some questions.
The vigil to honor Bradley Haas will be held on the soccer fields near the hospital, at the corner of South Fruit and Clinton streets in Concord.

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