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Virginia Tech News announces an exciting collaboration with an Honors College to integrate cutting-edge robotics technology into student coursework


Mar 26, 2024

The Virginia Tech Honors College has teamed up with Piaggio Fast Forward to introduce smart robotics technology to honors students as they tackle real-world problems arising from climate change. This partnership will see students delving into climate change scenarios alongside Piaggio Fast Forward on the Blacksburg campus in the upcoming spring term.

Under the guidance of Enric Ruiz-Geli, a professor of practice and architect, students enrolled in the honors studio course “No Blue, No Green” will select a climate change scenario to focus on for their projects. They will then work collaboratively with Piaggio Fast Forward to investigate, design, and propose new solutions and applications for the company’s technology within the context of their chosen scenario.

Industrial design major Adler Dills emphasized the importance of integrating new technology in a sustainable manner during the course. The students will be encouraged to think creatively and transdisciplinarily as they develop conceptual solutions, scenarios, and speculations for specific global warming sites. Various mediums such as performance, video, policy, engineering, and literature will be used to explore these scenarios, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the innovative solutions being developed.

Participant Emily LiaBraaten expressed her enthusiasm for the course, highlighting how it has pushed her beyond the confines of her structured policy curriculum. “No Blue, No Green” offers students a space to explore and experiment with creative solutions to complex climate change issues, fostering collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking among the honors students.

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