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Von der Leyen receives internal backlash for choice of business envoy – POLITICO


Apr 4, 2024

Pieper’s selection has raised concerns about the transparency and impartiality of the process, as noted in the document. The letter sent requests for a discussion on this matter to be held at the upcoming College meeting. The selection of Pieper has led to questions regarding the fairness of the process and whether political biases influenced the decision.

The four commissioners involved in selecting Pieper are known rivals of von der Leyen’s European People’s Party, creating tension as political jostling intensifies before the upcoming European election in June. While Breton and Schmit have managed to avoid publicly criticizing their boss von der Leyen, Breton has already made public remarks against her. The political rivalry between the commissioners is reflective of the broader political landscape of the European Union.

Other candidates, including two women, scored better than Pieper during the selection process for the SME envoy post. Czech Renew lawmaker Martina Dlabajová, one of the candidates who scored higher than Pieper, confirmed that she lodged a complaint to the Commission regarding the procedure. A group of lawmakers from various political parties have also expressed concerns and submitted questions to the Commission seeking clarification about the selection process and why Pieper was chosen over candidates who scored higher.

The involvement of political rivalries within the selection process has raised questions about the fairness and transparency of the decision-making process within the European Commission. The ongoing scrutiny of Pieper’s selection underscores the complexities and challenges involved in ensuring an impartial and transparent selection process for key positions within the European Union.

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